Apple Almost $2 Trillion

Apple is at a valuation of $1.95 trillion. Apple is how a strong quarterly earnings report and announced a 4:1 stock split. Apple is now worth nearly $200 billion more than second place Saudi Aramco.

It is a big tech world.

Microsoft is at $1.64 trillion and Amazon is at $1.62 trillion.

Google is over $1 trillion.

Facebook is $755 billion.

The main big technology stocks are over 25% of the value of all US stocks.

Alibaba is nearly $700 billion.

SOURCES- Google Finance
Written by Brian Wang, Brian owns technology stocks and index funds.

4 thoughts on “Apple Almost $2 Trillion”

  1. This ^
    Apple’s basic business model of
    — Take standard existing hardware technology but package it in attractive, fashionable forms instead of beige/darkgrey/silver boxes.
    — Have a software universe that is all designed to work well with each other and their hardware. So that even a total numpty can just point and click and it all works. (For a price.)
    — Keep control of both hardware and software so you don’t need to make allowances for weird 3rd party edge cases, letting you streamline the system.
    — The combination of aesthetics, with easy function, multiplied by a very effective publicity machine, means you can sell in large numbers at a huge margin, which gives you the cash to pay for all the above.

    This is a very effective strategy. It does give a lot of consumers what they want. And it really doesn’t matter where the hardware is bolted together.

  2. Hate to burst your bubble {not really}. First, I own no Apple products and I loath them as a company. Second, Apple is sitting on a literal mountain of cash. Finally, they may take a financial hit but they will be able to move their production lines and get back to the business of selling over priced phones to over pampered World Citizens. Apple isn’t dead … maybe a little dazed.

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