COBOL Still Handles 70% of Global Business Transactions

IBM is updating its mainframe chips with the Z15. It is a 14-nanometer chip. This matters because COBOL and mainframes are still processing the bulk of global business transactions.

The IBM presentation was at the Hot Chips conference which was attended by Sander Olson.

The mainframe and enterprise assets are at the center of a digital enterprise.

220+ billion lines of COBOL
COBOL still handle more than 70% of the business transactions that take place in the world today

Virtually Limitless Scale
1.3 million CICS transactions are processed every second, every day. In comparison, there are 68,542 Google searches every second globally

IBM estimates based on real client usage.

You’ve likely used a mainframe today
– 400 million retail transactions daily
– 80 million ATM transactions daily
– 1 million hotel night reservations daily
– over 90% of all airline reservations.

SOURCES – Hot Chip Conference, IBM, Sander Olson
Written By Brian Wang,

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