Intel Speeds Up Testing Toward Goal of Quantum Chips With Billions of Qubits

Intel is working on spin qubit quantum computer technology. Spin qubit transistors would be about the same size as existing CMOS transistors. The spin qubits would have the potential to have comparable density to the existing traditional computer chips.

In April, 2020, Intel, in collaboration with Qutech, published a paper in Nature demonstrating the successful control of “hot” qubits, the fundamental unit of quantum computing, at temperatures greater than 1 kelvin. The research also highlighted individual coherent control of two qubits with single-qubit fidelities of up to 99.3%.

Spectrum IEEE interviewed Intel’s Jim Clarke, Intel Director of Quantum Hardware.

Jim Clarke says that Intel now has a quantum computer chip cryogenic prober. They are able to put wafers with spin qubit transistors into the probe machine and get results back in a few hours. Previously, the milli-kelvin temperatures required days to cool and weeks to test and then days to warm up. The new testing is 100 times faster and could become 10,000 times faster than the weeks of the old system.

Intel is working with Blufors who make the Cryogenic Wafer Prober.

SOURCES- Intel, Spectrum IEEE, Blufors
Written By Brian Wang,