Intel’s Ice Lake Xeon Is Great for Encryption

The 32nd Hot Chips conference is happening now. Sander Olson is attending. He has provided presentations to Nextbigfuture that are highlights of the conference.

Intel described their Xeon “ice lake” CPU. Intel claims dramatic improvements in encryption, and ice lake should come with 28 cores. Ice Lake incorporates a new microarchitecture, and will be the first 10 nm Xeon processor.

Ice Lake is third generation Xeon.

• 10nm+ process technology
• 2-socket Whitley platform
• Incorporates Sunny Cove core
• Brings scalable and balanced architecture for increased throughput and per-core performance across all workloads in the datacenter

Sunny Cove Core New Instructions

• Big-Number Arithmetic (AVX-512 Integer IFMA)
– VPMADD52 – fused multiply add of 52-bit precision integer values for public key cryptography
• Vector AES and Vector Carry-less Multiply
– AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) & AES-GCM (AES mode that allows parallel processing)

• Galois Field New Instructions (GFNI)
– Encryption algorithms, error correction algorithms, bit matrix multiplications

• SHA-NI – Hardware acceleration of Secure Hash Algorithms

Compression/Decompression & Special SIMD
• Bit Algebra
– VPOPCNT returns the #of bits set to 1 in byte/word/DW/QW
– Bit Shuffle – shuffle bits from QW elements
• VBMI – Vector Bit Manipulation Instruction
– Permutes, shifts, expand, and compress operations
– Used for columnar database access, discrete mathematics, dictionary-based decompression, data-mining routines

SOURCES- Intel, Hot Chips
Written By Brian Wang,