Interference Noise Shield Extend Quantum Systems To Last 10,000 Times Longer

Researchers at the University of Chicago have enabled quantum states to last 10,000 times longer than before. The quantum system was operational for a total of 22 milliseconds, four orders of magnitude greater than if the quantum system was left unshielded. They tuned the magnetic field to the rapid rotation of the electron spins inside their quantum system, causing the system to tune out interfering noise. This could lead to virtually unhackable networks or extremely powerful computers.

The scientists tested their technique on a particular class of quantum systems called solid-state qubits, they think it should be applicable to many other kinds of quantum systems and could thus revolutionize quantum communication, computing and sensing.

This should make storing quantum information in electron spin practical. Extended storage times will enable more complex operations in quantum computers and allow quantum information transmitted from spin-based devices to travel longer distances in networks.”

The method is relatively easy to execute.

Science – Universal coherence protection in a solid-state spin qubit

Decoherence limits the physical realization of qubits and its mitigation is critical for the development of quantum science and technology. We construct a robust qubit embedded in a decoherence-protected subspace, obtained by applying microwave dressing to a clock transition of the ground-state electron spin of a silicon carbide divacancy defect. The qubit is universally protected from magnetic, electric, and temperature fluctuations, which account for nearly all relevant decoherence channels in the solid state. This culminates in an increase of the qubit’s inhomogeneous dephasing time by over four orders of magnitude (to over 22 milliseconds), while its Hahn-echo coherence time approaches 64 milliseconds. Requiring few key platform-independent components, this result suggests that substantial coherence improvements can be achieved in a wide selection of quantum architectures.

SOURCES- Chicago University, Journal Science

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  1. Ok, 22 ms is starting to look like a span of time in which useful computation may be carried out.

    Now we just need to downgrade the need for liquid helium to need for liquid nitrogen and we’re in business! 😉

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