Lilly Starts Phase 3 Trial for Antibody Treatment of COVID-19

Eli Lilly a Phase 3 trial studying LY-CoV555 for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 in residents and staff at long-term care facilities in the U.S. (skilled nursing facilities, commonly referred to as nursing homes, and assisted living facilities). LY-CoV555, the lead antibody from Lilly’s collaboration with AbCellera, is a neutralizing antibody against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

They will send special recreational vehicles to support their clinical trial at any location in the US that has an outbreak of COVID-19. The clinical trials need to be at the places where there are the largest outbreak of the disease.

They will evaluate the efficacy and safety of LY-CoV555 for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19, testing whether a single dose of LY-CoV555 reduces the rate of SARS-CoV-2 infection through 4 weeks, as well as complications of COVID-19 through 8 weeks. It is expected to enroll up to 2,400 participants.

Lilly created customized mobile research units to support the on-site study. These units include a custom retrofitted recreational vehicle (RV) to support mobile labs and clinical trial material preparation, along with a trailer truck that will deliver all clinical trial supplies needed to create an on-site infusion clinic. To further minimize the burden on these facilities that normally do not conduct clinical trials, additional staff will be at the facilities to assist with the operations of the study. Lilly will deploy its mobile research unit fleet in response to outbreaks of the virus at long-term care facilities across the U.S.

About LY-CoV555
LY-CoV555 is a potent, neutralizing IgG1 monoclonal antibody (mAb) directed against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. It is designed to block viral attachment and entry into human cells, thus neutralizing the virus, potentially preventing and treating COVID-19. LY-CoV555 emerged from the collaboration between Lilly and AbCellera to create antibody therapies for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Lilly scientists rapidly developed the antibody in less than three months after it was discovered by AbCellera and tested by the scientists at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center. It was identified from a blood sample taken from one of the first U.S. patients who recovered from COVID-19.

SOURCES – Eli Lilly
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  1. Not having a medical background, I have a question for any of you guys who do:

    Do all viruses have a specific characteristic that could be targeted to disable them? I use the word “disable” rather than “kill” since, as far as I know, a virus isn’t a living thing, but does have a set of genetic institutions. Going off that, can we not create something that could disable ANY virus?

  2. “Ineffective talking and not taking effective action” is very different from the claim of “nobody is talking”.

  3. None of this will work until government stops subsidizing processed and unhealthy food over natural and unadulterated food. Also, protein and fats are not the demons they have been made out to be. Empty carbs are making Americans fat, ultimately costing all of more than people are saving as individuals on their food bills.

  4. When I look at magazines, TV shows, yootoob videos… probably the most common subject is health and fitness.
    Where are you guys living that this is never mentioned?

  5. Since no one really knows the IFR, due to under-testing, especially in third world countries, I just divide the country’s population by the number of CV deaths – both of which numbers are better established. One could argue the U.S. CV death rate of 161,356 is too high, and reflects many people who die WITH Covid-19, not of it, but even dividing that exaggerated number into 328m American people, that comes out to 0.0491939024%. That hardly seems worth all the panic, especially when the average death age is 75+, and there are almost always co-morbidity factors. Why is no one talking about making people healthier? That would do more than any drug to curb the death rate, not just from CV, but from everything.
    Americans especially, suffer to chronic overweight (70%), diabetes or pre-diabetes (50%), hypertension, etc. This is basically 3/4 of the population, even given overlapping conditions. It’s unglamourous and much cheaper, but getting off Big Sugar would do more to help people than going with Big Pharma.

  6. COVID19 is 0.26% according to the CDC, based on antibody test results. In recent weeks they have found just as many people who have tested positive for COVID19 antibodies, have TCell immunity as well. This effectively halves the IFR to around 0.13% or inline with the flu which is about 0.1%.

    I know I keep posting this but it is very important people put whatever statistics about COVID19 they’re seeing on mainstream media into perspective.

  7. Current official death toll 722 919.

    I remember a few months ago I asked WarrentheApe, (who was going on and on about itsjustaflu). I asked him what the death toll would be at which he’d change his mind and say it was a serious plague.

    I don’t think he ever answered.

  8. I’ve been hearing that a lot of people who ‘recover’ from COVID have some long lasting damage. Death rate isn’t the only issue.

  9. it is 700,000 people. the USA is still part of the world. We should think globally now, it’s a pandemic. That means all of us, even if the death rate isn’t that high, we still need the skills to survive. Next time it might not be 1.8%. Maybe not the best time to start a land war in asia. or go up against Sicilians.

  10. You are underestimating the effect of the virus. This is not another flu. More than 160,000 have already died from Covid-19 this year, and the number is higher if you estimate the unaccounted deaths. Of course the number will be many times higher if we were not taking any steps to curb the epidemic. In comparison, the death toll from flu ranges between 30,000-60,000 deaths using estimates, and that is for the whole year.

  11. This is a very exciting development. I’m good friends with Dr. Donald Abraham who’s a pretty renowned biochemist. He’s told me that the rapid development of monoclonal antibodies is essentially the creation of an “artificial immune system”. While things are tumultuous politically and economically, this is a very exciting time to be alive technologically.

  12. In the US for the whole year thus far, all cause death is up 7% compared to last year. For the past few weeks it has been a few percentage points lower than last year at the same time. If the pattern holds we will end up barely a few percentage points higher on the all cause death this year, aka not a big deal. If covid claimed all the people that would have died during this years flu season then it is really going to crater the excess death. If you are under 70 it is a just a flu, and I never get a flu shot.

  13. For me it is the best example of how well markets work when they have a clear revenue path and urgency. China, with its Frankenstenean bio medical industry and a hord of hackers and copiers put to the task is not among the finalists for a Covid -19 vaccine. US, UK and Russia are. Of course markets have a clear path for the right way to bring progress only about half the time, but let’s celebrate now what needs to be celebrated.

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