Marvell ThunderX3 Next-Generation Arm-Based Server

Marvell introduced their ARM based Thunder X3 server processor, with 60 cores/240 threads per die. It has a 30% single-thread performance increase over the X2. It employs up to 4 threads per core, and is fabbed from TSMC’s 7nm process. The X4 is already under development.

This is another report from Sander Olson from the Hot Chips Conference.

ThunderX3 Arm-based server processor summary

It will have up to 3x performance over industry-leading ThunderX2 within same power envelope

Marvell uses an evolutionary design approach. They will leverage ThunderX2 platform and proven production quality solution at scale.

Four-way threading provides ~50% performance advantage on data center codes over competitor systems

Marvell offers a competitive solution with technology roadmap built on legacy of processor expertise.

SOURCES- Hot Chips, Marvell
Written by Brian Wang,