Most Important Meteorite is a Window to Origins of Life and Solar System

Aguas Zarcas is a meteorite that broke up over Chile in 2019 but it is new meteorite sample that contains nucleobases that are part of RNA. A similar meteorite his fifty years ago but this is the first when humans have sequencing technology to study it.

This meteorite provides a window into the origins of life and the solar system from 7.5 billion years ago.

30 kilograms the Aguas Zarcas meteorite have been recovered.

Modern techniques and technology are being to preserve and study it.

Meteorite dealer Mike Farmer went to Chile and paid $50 to $100 per gram for the pieces.

A researcher at the field museum is studying a 2-kilogram piece, donated by a retired health care executive, to probe the time before the Solar System took shape.

SOURCES- Journal Science
Written By Brian Wang,