Provinces with 55% of Canada’s Population Working on Gen 4 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Alberta is joining New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan to work together to support the development and deployment of SMRs (small modular reactors).

Combined the four provinces are 21 million out of Canada’s 38 million people.

SMRs in the future could also support Alberta’s oil and gas industry by reducing their emissions. SMR’s can be used to heat steam for the enhanced recovery of oil. Nuclear generation of heat would be cleaner than burning oil or gas to generate steam.

Canada is a world leader with the most advanced fourth generation small modular nuclear reactors.

There are many global SMR projects but Canada is involved with four out of six leading fourth-generation nuclear projects.

There are two molten salt reactors, a sodium cooled fast reactor and a micro modular reactor.
* Terrestrial Energy IMSR 400 Integrated Molten Salt Reactor (195 MWe)

Molten salt technology in the IMSR® design leads to a nuclear power plant that is “walk-away” safe and has transformative commercial advantages.

Operating at 47 percent thermal efficiency, an IMSR® power plant generates 195 megawatts of electricity with a thermal-spectrum, graphite-moderated, molten-fluoride-salt reactor system. It uses today’s standard nuclear fuel – comprising standard-assay low-enriched uranium (less than 5 percent 235U) – critical for near-term commercial deployment

* Micro Modular Reactor – High-Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor 5 megawatt of electrical power
Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation with Global First Power

* ARC 100 – Sodium cooled Fast Reactor (SFR), ARC Nuclear Canada Inc

* a Moltex Energy Stable Salt Reactor

SOURCES- SMR Nuclear, World Nuclear News
Written By Brian Wang,