Redwood Tree Bark Thickness and Fire Resistance

Older Redwood trees are able to survive wildfires because their bark is over one foot thick. 95% of California redwood trees were logged. Most of the trees are 10 to 100 years old. They tend to average a little less than 2 inches of bark.

Younger redwoods, especially less than 20 years old, burn easily because their bark is too thin.

A survey of Redwood Tree Bark thickness was in a journal article.

Forest Journal – Bark Thickness in Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D.Don) Endl.) Varies According to Tree- and Crown Size, Stand Structure, Latitude and Genotype by John-Pascal Berrill, Kevin L. O’Hara and Nickolas E. Kicha published June 2020.

Droughts can reduce the water content in redwoods and other trees which make all of them more vulnerable to fire.

SOURCES- Journal Forest, University of Wisconson Tree Science blog
Written By Brian Wang,