Solving the Big Tech Monopoly Problem

Scott Galloway who wrote a book on the big four tech companies has suggestions for handling their monopoly.

Scott suggests breaking up Facebook by spinning off their recent acquisitions, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Facebook has 3.5 billion total users. Facebook without Whatsapp and Instagram would have about 2.7 billion users.
Whatsapp has 2 billion users.
Instagram has 855 million users.

The combined value of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram will likely end up being higher after they are broken up. They will be able to compete and this might curb some of the monopoly abuses of Facebook.

He suggests splitting Google up into Search, Youtube and Cloud.

He suggests splitting Amazon up into Retail, AWS (Cloud) and Fulfillment.

AWS alone was worth about $500 billion in 2019 and is worth $800 billion to $1 trillion now.

Apple just needs to be regulated. Apple’s power is its brand. The App store needs be regulated.

SOURCES- Scott Galloway
Written By Brian Wang,