US Increases Funding for AI and Quantum Information Science

The White House has announced additional funding for Artificial Intelligence and Quantum computing research.

The US is adding over $1 billion in funding to setup seven Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes and five Quantum Information Science (QIS) Research Centers over the next five years.

The National Science Foundation and Department of Energy will lead the programs.

There has already been AI and Quantum research spending.

Private spending on AI and quantum computing in the US is $40 billion per year. The US is leading the world with AI and quantum computing technology.

China has invested tens of billions into AI and quantum technologies. Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia are all competing in these critical future technologies.

SOURCES- White House, Fed Scoop
Written By Brian Wang,

11 thoughts on “US Increases Funding for AI and Quantum Information Science”

  1. 'world building' in the sense of extrapolating a vast, complex, and 'original' surrounding environment based on the fundamental ideas of the show — such as having intelligent/sentient robots who are amazing analysts and researchers (creating whole new fields of discovery) – their likely strength — rather than just sticking them into existing roles as construction workers, killers, and valets. The first season, using the robots as believable actors within a stereotypical 1800s western/ samurai/ outback setting that the visitors can abuse and feel superior to was original and compelling – but of course, they escape and wish come-uppance later – ho-hum.

  2. I'm enjoying it… In the series Westworld the idea that these machines are sentient isn't treated as a mcguffin, or as something you just have to accept, like the idea of Skynet in the movie Terminator. The entirety of season one was an exploration into just how and why these "hosts" were sentient.

    Not to go into every single season, but over all, it looks like the series is going to be about the destruction of humanity, and its replacement by machines.

    And as far is "world building," I have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. Westworld – too much character/ drama development — not enough world building (at least after the first season). Silly multi-AI (spoiler) last season arc.

  4. Whether or not we will be able to prevent the world from sliding to become China dominated, which I believe we will not, this struggle forces us again to start investing in and incentivizing the sections of economy that need to be in order to keep moving up front. This is beneficial, as we miss parts of a chapter in our book that says that free market is not really free when left to its own, but only when guided in the most sensible way to move toward the best outcome.

  5. I believe our world is already in an arms race to achieve these devices, these artilects. It's quite possibly going to be winner take all because the first country that succeeds may be able to monitor everything, run everything, control everything, and enforce anything. (Kind of what China is attempting to do right now.) Thereby being in a position to effectively end any other organization's attempt to achieve their own versions of advanced AI.
    No one can drop out of this race because, if they don't build it, someone else will build it (to use an old but still valid argument). To paraphrase science fiction writer Larry Niven, "What a terrible thing if any faction other than my own should gain control of this!"  
    The current frontrunners in this race might be the United State, China, Russia, Japan, Estonia (surprise), Israel, and Canada. But the US and China are in such favored positions that you might as well ask yourself which would be the better one to have win (or, if you prefer, the lesser of two evils).

  6. Right now more money probably just ends up chasing the same qualified people and raising salaries even more. The better role for government might be sponsoring more lower level education/access to tools/ contests etc to attract more bright young people into playing with this stuff.

  7. AI is every bit as important as the atomic energy programs and infrastructure projects of the past. AI will likely cause more fundamental societal change in the next 10 years than what happened in the past 100. $1 billion is a pretty small drop in the bucket when AI will soon have trillions of dollars of impact on the world economy.

  8. This is pretty small potatoes. It is better than providing grants to Universities, but worse than setting up an equivalent DARPA or what was that other thing — eDARPA? Centres of Excellence are notoriously hard to attract technical personnel and ruthless managing go-getters – as they are perceived as fleeting. I am not sure what the leading companies in AI and Quantum (hardware and software), in the sense of having/ enriching an existing Skunkworks-equivalent — maybe IBM, for some reason?

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