Amazon Ring Video Drone Part of Drones and Cameras Everywhere

Amazon bought Ring which has about 1 million Ring Door video cameras installed and Amazon will introduce a new docked video camera drone. The Ring Drone will sell for about $250 and seems to have the convenience of an iRobot vacuum.

Amazon also has cameras for monitoring your mailbox and your car. They are helping Tesla to bring the car security video to your smartphone.

Ring Car Alarm

With Ring Car Alarm, your vehicle senses bumps, break-ins, tow-aways, and more. Get alerts when something is detected and activate the siren or check your car’s last-known location in the Ring app.

Ring Car Connect

Stay in the know. From anywhere. Tap into your car’s built-in cameras to get alerts and watch recorded video in the Ring App. The first compatible cars are Tesla models 3, S, X, & Y. Watch Tesla Sentry Mode and recorded driving footage over wifi or from anywhere with an optional LTE connectivity plan.

The global smart home market will total $101.1 billion in 2020, down from Omdia’s previous forecast of $120.6 billion. Smart home device shipments are now projected to reach 603.5 million units in 2020, down from the earlier forecast of 693.8 million.

IDC forecasts that about 200 million smart home security devices will ship worldwide in 2020. This is 27 percent growth over 2019.

SOURCES- Ring, Amazon, IDC, Omdia
Written By Brian Wang,

7 thoughts on “Amazon Ring Video Drone Part of Drones and Cameras Everywhere”

  1. No mention of the fact they sell your doorbell surveillance video to law enforcement? Now the police will be watching you via your neighbor's drone cam.

  2. Detering burglars 0.001% of the time.
    Spying on your house 100% of the time.
    How about this-
    The burglar weare a mask and take a baseball bat the to the little bird?

  3. Silly idea of a greedy person. There isn't really a place for more than one drone for a certain limited area. The noise that these drones will make and everyone in the neighborhood is going to be sure that everyone else is spying on them. The right way to do it if at all is to market such drones to private alarm companies hired by home owners association or to whole neighborhoods. At any rate, drone usage will have to go through a massive regulation as it is soon going to get out of hand.

  4. huh. Home Drone. How can that not yet be a thing — or at least, not a popular thing? Fetching and monitoring and cleaning and assisting. Way better than Siri/ ALexa/ Zoomba/ etc., home convenience devices. Your paper, slippers, scotch, and pipe to be fetched. Your chores and tasks be outsourced. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. — at the risk of Universal scorn — perhaps an Apple HomeKit version?

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