Blade Runner 2049 Orange Sky and California’s Orange Sky

There were scenes in the movie Blade Runner 2049 where the sky was orange. This is now a reality today in California.

Blade Runner 2049 was trying to show a dystopia.

Here are the pictures and video from California today.

The Skies of Mordor in Lord of the Rings were smokey and orange as well.

SOURCES- Youtube – Blade Runner 2049, Lord of the Rings, Local California News, My own picture out my front door
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. I like that expression. The way forest resoures are managed borders on religious veneration, as if an un-spoiled garden of Eden will arise if man simply fights every fire and prevents every encroachment of man on nature.

  2. So regulate that sort of stuff, which is different from the regulation BEING that sort of stuff. Not all things called "regulation" are the same.

  3. If we think about how Tolkien was probably picturing his forests, they would have been as the English forests were in the times from the pre-Roman through to the middle ages.

    And those were MANAGED forests. The dark age farmers didn't let the forests just grow wild, they controlled what was going on, altered the vegetation to provide more nuts, more wild herbs, to provide good grazing for pigs, and to give good timber.

    And above all, extensive collection of deadwood for both direct use in fires and for charcoal.

    We actually have one unmanaged, WILD forest in the Hobbit, the Mirkwood. And the characters in the book are disturbed and upset by how it has been let go out of control, and how it is now a source of danger.

    If you go on youtube you can find videos from history buffs complaining about how modern movies never show medieval and sword-and-scorcery type forests correctly. Because modern English and US forests are TOO WILD.

  4. The USA was based on Locke. The French and later Russian revolution was based on Rousseau.
    I think everyone can agree that it was a good thing that the Americans did NOT base themselves on Rousseau.

    (And not because he was in French. You think Jefferson couldn't read French?)

  5. USAians got what they deserve
    If they spent less for wars and more for the environment then they would not be suffering this.
    We dont have such problems in, say, Italy..


  6. Yep. A lot of this mess stems from the public's and their elected politicians mindsets.

    If the public passed from veneration of nature towards management of natural resources, a lot of this wouldn't be happening. You usually don't want to touch something you worship, for fear of spoiling/defiling it. Hence the lack of sensible policies for managing uncontrolled forest fires with controlled ones.

    Tolkien's writings have some good morals and justifications, according to the times he had to live, but due to the arrival of the 60s counterculture, his works 'locked in' with a whole generation's hearts and minds, becoming part of their unthinking accepted truths.

    I'm not telling his or other similar works of art caused this problem, but the beliefs and values we choose to cherish above rationality did.

  7. The current forest fires in California however are entirely a result of elvish mentality and not orcish mentality. California is overgrown, there is too much underbrush, far too many trees per acre, too much diseased forest ravaged by beetles, too much vegetation all competing for water. If you don't log it, burn it and graze it responsibly and you fight every fire to the hilt it will all die off and burn anyway. Perhistorically between 4 and 12 million acres burned each year in wildfires in California. Under environmental policies since the 70's it has been just tens of thousands of acres. NRDC and Sierra club is why California looks like Mordor.

  8. The greatest achievement of the wholly despicable ideology of Marxist socialism (it is when you know what it is about and what it takes to make it real), is to convince the young and gullible that it is about justice, equality and the welfare of the poor.

    The conquest of education and academia is their main victory so far, and one that will cost us dearly.

  9. I see the Tolkien reference, and I think he got several of the ideas for Mordor precisely from the London of his youth.

    The amounts of smoke and soot there at the start of the XXth century were almost unbelievable, due to the rapid growth of factories and later gasoil transportation.

    He also was a World War I veteran, and lived through the nastiest results of the industrialization of war.

    Which could explain his aversion to it and his ecologism avant garde. In the books, orcs and the forces of evil were characterized by their careless exploitation of nature, ravaging forests and pristine places with glee, while the Elves and other forces of good preserved the beauty of the natural world.

  10. But what American's of this era don't really have a clue about is what "Socialism" means. It means the government takes over the means of production. That is the national resources, farms, mines and factories. And usually also includes, transport of goods and the allocation of goods…everything we associate with Communism. Except, that that government might be democratically elected, centralized or not.
    When, young voters especially, think "Socialist", they think socially minded, concerned about the poor, and downtrodden. They think free healthcare, free education, higher wages that make life easy, taxing of the rich, maybe a proliferation of co-ops. But this is because actual Socialists today just talk about the parts that are attractive. In 1949 people knew what it meant, because Socialists tried very hard during the Great Depression. So many people had nothing, so they thought they had nothing to loose…and it looked like Capitalism had failed:
    They also likely don't realize the US Constitution forbids it in the 5th Amendment. "…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." What "just compensation" could there possibly be? You can't replace it with like things as all those like things are also taken.

  11. There is nothing unique about "regulations". All laws are coercive. This is one of the fundamental realizations every political theorist must comprehend. They react to this in a few ways: Social Contract Theory; especially as expounded by John Locke in the US. That says any rational person would give up some freedoms as long as everyone else does as well, but there are some they would not. Most people don't realize the Constitution did not come out of thin air. They need to read Locke's Two Treatises of Government. The founders needed something to go against the "Divine Right of Kings" without being Atheist. The Constitution might have been slightly different had they also read Jean Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract, but it was in French.
    Anarchists faced with the coercive nature of law, say none of it is justified. Libertarians generally say law is only justified for national defense, defense of property, and defense against acts of physical violence (though there are dozens of variations). Marxist/Socialist thinkers don't have the same issues as they simply go Atheist and are free to do whatever floats their boat.

  12. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

  13. regulations = tyranny

    Most people secretly love tyranny. If it wasn't for tyranny, all the freethinkers would be making a mess of the place.

  14. Yep, people doesn't realize how much emission regulations have improved cities' air since a few decades up until now.

    This one is a fluke of weather caused by the huge fires. While previously the yellow/orange sky was nearly permanent.

    And earlier during the 20th century, many now clean air cities in the developed world had literal black-gray skies due to all the coal burning, and dead stinky rivers due to the filth people threw there without a second thought.

  15. Los Angeles used to be orange/pink all the time before there were catalytic converters in most of the cars. And it smelled a lot worse than chaparral smoke. It smelled something like a combination of burning antifreeze, burning transmission fluid and Diesel exhaust. It also made me feel winded and my lungs hurt.
    I have got to think people who breathed that air for 10 years or more must have lost a few years of their life expectancy.

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