Engineering Guru Munro Talks Tesla Big Battery and Big Casting

Engineering guru Sandy Munro has his own engineering firm that has been telling car makers for decades how to improve their car designs and carmaking processes. Sandy was very impressed with what Tesla revealed on battery day. The main things Sandy highlighted are

* the large battery cell

* cooling the cells from the bottom
* integrating the cells as structural components of the car

* large castings for the the front of the car, back of the car and the top and bottom of the battery area

SOURCES- Sandy Munro, Tesla
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian own Tesla Shares)

5 thoughts on “Engineering Guru Munro Talks Tesla Big Battery and Big Casting”

  1. So put a slightly thicker metal layer under the pipe. Metal is a good heat conductor. Should be easy to get more than adequate protection from skidding on pointy rocks.

  2. What I don't like about cooling for the bottom is that you have to introduce channels in the bottom plate. So, if the car skids on a pointy rock, what prevents the rock from puncturing the "belly" is not a metal layer backed up by a solid piece of battery/epoxy, but a water pipe.

    Clearly, it is much easier to deform/puncture a liquid filled "pipe" than solid metal backed by a battery/epoxy matrix…

  3. I wonder why Sandy Munro hasn't been absorbed into the Tesla borg yet. Too strong an independent streak, or not enough money?

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