IBM Roadmap to 1000 Qubit Quantum Computer by 2023

IBM’s current largest quantum computer has 65 qubits, but they revealed a roadmap to 1000 qubits by 2023. The IBM plan is 127 qubits in 2021 and 433 qubits in 2022.

The Quantum Computer Market is at about $1 billion today and there are various projections that it will reach about $65 billion in 2030. However, the quantum computing future is uncertain. It will depend upon how well companies can actually execute and scale the quantum hardware and get value in terms of solving real problems.

SOURCES- Journal Science, IBM
Written By Brian Wang,

11 thoughts on “IBM Roadmap to 1000 Qubit Quantum Computer by 2023”

  1. So…. the biggest value of this research, so far, lies in reassuring everyone that crypto is probably (so far) still safe enough to continue using as the basis for 'secure' transactions and storage of data? While making the future of those just uncertain enough to keep developers concerned about finding an affordable replacement?

  2. At the current state of the art, probably nothing. With a good QC, simulating chemical interactions. With a really good QC, breaking public-key cryptography.

  3. OK, so they have a roadmap to 1000 qubits. Does this mean that their "quantum volume" will scale with the number of qubits, i.e. be about 15 times larger than today? As I undertand it, the correct figure of merit is quantum volume and not number of qubits….

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