Lunar Crater Telescope Would Be Ten Times the Area of Arecibo

NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts symposium has a presentation of the 1000 meter Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT). It would cover ultra-long-wavelength radio waves that have not been studied before because of noise on earth. It would be the largest filled-aperture radio telescope in the solar system at 1km in diameter. Arecibo is 300 meters in diameter and the FAST telescope is 500 meters in diameter.

It would be a mesh telescope that would be at the bottom of a 3000-5000 meter lunar crater on the far side of the moon.

They have worked out the basics of the construction and operation of the LCRT.

2 thoughts on “Lunar Crater Telescope Would Be Ten Times the Area of Arecibo”

  1. Looks like the Moon is being used primarily as a shield from Earth noise, rather than a support for a 'scope, which would be easier structure in Space than landing on the Moon, it seems.

  2. Pfft someone give me my PPT moniez for my lunar crater wall LIGO base.

    “Some of the cleanest vacuum known to humanity!”

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