New Tallest Skyscrapers Plans

French architectural studio, Rescubika, proposes skyscraper that would be the tallest building in New York. The building design is called Mandragore and it would be a 2400-foot-tall tower. It would have a lot of trees and plants that would trap carbon emissions and reduce carbon in the atmosphere. However, Rescubika has not been getting many of its designs built.

The Freedom Tower is the tallest building in New York at 1776 feet tall.

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa of Dubai (828 meters divided across 163 floors).

The Jeddah Tower is being built and it will reach 1008 meters in height.

There was steady progress but in January 2018 building owner JEC halted structural concrete work with the tower about one-third completed due to labor issues with a contractor following the 2017–19 Saudi Arabian purge. JEC has said they plan to restart construction in 2020.

A taller skyscraper is planned for Iraq. It would be 1150 meters tall and is called the Bride.

SOURCES- Rescubika, AMBS Architects

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  1. Check the Iraqi opinion polls dude. If they didn't want us back, then how come the people there favor our return??? You live in a bizarro world.

  2. Also a break point at the 3 storey point where you start to need a lift (elevator) that always makes things much more expensive.

  3. We hear that "X is dying" every couple of months.

    10-20 years later very, very few of such confident pronouncements have turned out to be true.

    Now, to be fair, sometimes it happens. The Australian car industry did die. The film camera industry did die. The phonograph did die. The British empire did die. So did the Soviet empire. And the Romans.

    But 95% of the time, it was some combinations of noise in the measurements, random fluctuations, flash-in-the-pan new competitors that didn't work out, and random sensationalist reporting.

  4. Poor Lucca, he's got tough life ya know? What with no friends, living in his mom's basement, and playing World of Warcraft all day until it's time to deliver pizza's for a living. And now he's lost his boyfriend!

  5. Lucca my friend, I served 25 years in the Marine Corps. Did a tour in Iraq. Met soldiers and people from many different countries. Never met one USA hater. Sure, there were those who strongly disagreed with our policies. Good people can disagree but still get along. Even the Iraqi Sunni insurgent I befriended in Haditha in 2006 didn't hate us. He didn't like losing his cushy govt job when the Shiites purged him, and he didn't particularly care for us Marines being in his home town (with which I sympathized), but he wasn't a fan of Saddam and wasn't angry that we got rid of him. Despite our different backgrounds and ideologies, we were able to find common interests and work toward mutual goals. The only true America haters out there are either enemies of democracy like your terrorist friends, or bitter trolls like yourself. You love to cackle about Iran and China, blah, blah, blah. Here's a thought – why not become a citizen and move there? Then try regaling their internet community with your sage wisdom. But be careful to remember, unlike here in the Free World where you can say whatever nonsense you want, the first time you draw the ire of their censors you'll be getting a visit from their secret police. The second visit will earn you an all expense paid trip to a cell. No access to NBF there. Then who are you going to rant to?

  6. No kidding. 3 wars in the last 3 decades & insurgencies in the interim, plus the sanctions in the 90’s. Gonna take a long time to rebuild if this is what they are spending on.

    My only theory is that a lot of this money is from foreign investors who are willing to invest in the country only on the conditions that what they are paying for is highly visible and can have oversight to minimize corruption, and be located in a very secure part of the country. Instead of pouring money down the drain for a plethora of smaller projects that are supposedly being built out in the sticks, but hard to oversee due to the danger and hard to protect once built. And where there is danger, there are more middlemen involved, and more opportunities for corruption.

  7. Last time I checked the only folks we're bombing is ISIS and the Taliban, both of which are terrorist organizations dedicated to destroying democracy. Just the sort of people you idolize.

  8. Ugly buildings, especially the one at the top that looks like the tower of Babel after the first hit. Respectable companies will not want to be represented by buildings that look like that, especially now that people start working and conducting their business from home.

  9. Should call "Mandragore" "Jenga tower" instead. Looks about as stable. I can understand why they're not getting many of their designs built.

  10. Here's a list of other things China is killing:

    • it's own people, especially those who speak out against the regime
    • democracy in Hong Kong
    • the Uighurs in Xinjiang by forcibly sterilizing their women
    • Indian soldiers when they illegally invade Indian soil.
  11. The winning design in NY had the top part leaning to *reflect* Liberty Enlightening the World. Stunning. Ever see it?

  12. I am not into buildings that look like wreckage, or archaeological ruins which seems like most of what this French company designs. I did like their vertical windmill building design or aspects of it. Too many or too tight curves is also terrible for usable floor space. Furnishings are generally rectilinear, and don't fit well.

  13. I agree. There are engineering/economic "break" points in building heights are generally 12 floors, 40 floors, and 70 floors. The most densely populated cities such as NYC, Tokyo, HK, and the like do not have real estate costs to justify anything higher than 70 floors. Other major cities would be around 40 floors. Anything higher than 70 floors is pure show-off.

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