Outside of First Building at Tesla GigaBerlin Factory is Mostly Done

The walls and roof for the first factory building at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin are done. There appear to be four main buildings and several smaller ones. Tesla has published plans which show four main buildings and about eight smaller ones.

SOURCES- Tesla, GigaBerlin Youtube
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

13 thoughts on “Outside of First Building at Tesla GigaBerlin Factory is Mostly Done”

  1. I'm certainly not questioning Musk's right to do as he will with his money. Not so with NASA crewed Mars stuff, BTW! If you were "channeling" Musk, and not presenting your ideas about O'Neill, then perhaps you are NOT "against any idea by Mr Gerard K. O'Neill". So, do you see how absurd thinking about Mars as a seed bank is? Do you understand O'Neill, or disagree with him, like Musk? Bezos is doing as you suggest BTW, in O'Neill's stead. I'm trying to help Musk and others who do not realize they are planetarian, who have fallen for gravity.

  2. Except bunkers on earth are on earth and Mars in war is hard to target as its 6 months off .. look you may disagree but Mr Musk does not and its his money / time and life .. thats it.

  3. So you say .. Musk is a private individual doing what he thinks is right with his money .. if you think is wrong you raise the capital and expertise .. at what point did I say I was against any idea by Mr Gerard K. O'Neill?
    I said and I repeat
    If G.K O`Neill feels differently let him build bloody rockets himself like Musk is.Mr Musk gets to follow his ideas with his money / time and expertise .. thats it.

  4. O'Neill is comparing Space to Earth, not Mars, so those who are even thinking of Mars are point missers. Space is easier/better than Earth, therefore also Mars, by a long shot. The "backup plan" is not needed as it will automatically happen (in O'Neill Space) long before Space Solar is barely started, as that is such a huge project.

  5. It's ridiculously more simple to have such a backup plan on earth. Bunkers are cheap compared to spacecraft, and even an irradiated earth is nowhere as hostile to human life as Mars is everywhere.

  6. Musks idea about Mars is effectively a seed bank .. if Humans are on two planets and disaster (nuclear war?) breaks out on Earth killing everyone then Humanity from a secure base would still have at least a chance, otherwise their will be no second chance.
    Forget Mars means don`t worry nothing can possibly go wrong.
    If G.K O`Neil feels differently let him build bloody rockets himself like Musk is.

  7. If the share price keeps plummeting now that SoftBank isn't pumping and dumping, it's going to be a big stranded asset.

  8. and yet
    The number of electric vehicle registrations in Germany in August showed a very impressive increase. Compared to the same month in 2019, sales increased by 221.5% to 16,076 vehicles. Of the 16,076 electric vehicles sold, Tesla's sales were 2,846 according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This means that Tesla took almost 18% of the electric vehicle market share in Germany in August.

    Tesla sales are up 457% YoY, driving an unprecedented rise in electric vehicle sales in the country. Comparing the January to August 2020 period to the January to August 2019 period, Tesla is the only car brand to record sales growth, with 11.2% for California-based manufacturer. Accordingly, Tesla is the ONLY (read that again ONLY) automaker to sell more vehicles in Germany this year than in the same period last year.

    Thats before the factory is built when ever single vehicle has to be shipped across a Ocean .. time will tell if the market is their or not for Tesla cars .. time when we have no factory closures not before.

  9. I know we can figure out HOW to this stuff in Space, but first we need to figure out THAT we need to. See G. K. O'Neill for details. Start with Space Solar, to solve global heating, which seems like an obviously good idea, and did even before global heating became such an issue. Forget Mars.

  10. New factory is almost done and at the same time Tesla sales in Europe fell by 18% In H1 2020. Tesla, sales went down by 18% year-over-year to 36,700 (17% of the market). In Q2, the results were 40% below 2019

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