Sandy Munro Explains How ICE Carmakers are Screwed

Sandy Munro explains how Tesla’s Big Cell glued onto the cooling plate will be manufacturing and serviceability wins. Sandy Munro has a company that for decades has been engineering and reverse engineers cars. He takes apart and studies every component of the leading cars.

He shows the prismatic cell and the pouch cells that are used by competing companies. Those other batteries are clearly more complicated. This is why the Tesla Big Cell will be made at thousands per minute off the assembly line and then glued onto the cooling plates for better heat management.

Sandy can see a worthwhile $25,000 electric car that will kill combustion engine cars.

Sandy said the people who really understand engineering know they saw the future of cars and energy yesterday.

The vertically integrated cars slide is telling the ICE car makers they are screwed. The numbers on slide indicate a decade of dominance for lithium-ion batteries.

CATL is pushing the battery technology at a similarly rapid pace. However, Tesla is innovating everything in the whole car from materials to parts to the whole car. Tesla is innovating manufacturing, cooling to performance.

SOURCES – Autoline Network, Tesla
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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