Scaling Hand Grenade Power With Modular Grenades

Nammo has made simple modifications for tripling the explosive power of grenade launchers. The modular grenades screw together in a few seconds. Two grenade modules will kill everyone in a room and three grenades destroy the building.

Written By Brian Wang,

18 thoughts on “Scaling Hand Grenade Power With Modular Grenades”

  1. No. A heavier object is always going to be more awkward.

    Why is it necessary to even throw multiple grenades at once?

    Are tanks, RPG's and mortars not enough?

    Are F35 and helicopter air support not enough?

    The most any infantry soldier should need in throwable explosives is something relatively light and of minimal difficulty in shape to handle and throw in awkward spaces.

    Anything heavier in infantry circumstances should be saved for explosive specialists using the other weapons you described such as claymores.

    The more complexity you add to these situations the more accidents happen – and without 'throwable' explosives of such power, weight and unwieldy nature the likelihood of accidents resulting in tragic losses on the home team is highly likely.

    It's not like the US record on military home goals is that stellar to begin with – do you really want to increase the chances of it?

  2. funny how that doesn't stop countries from producing larger grenades, claymores, satchel charges, or strapping multiple grenades together in more awkward fashions.

    I suspect the ability to throw a grenade isn't the only factor at play here and trained male soldier would have an easier time tossing a heavier object.

  3. I would assume they have a certain size of room in mind when saying that, the smaller than average that room is, the more dishonest I'd say they're being.

  4. Only if military appropriations are as dumb and corrupt as the politicians.

    So yeah, guaranteed then.

  5. Not the point they were getting at.

    The more powerful the grenade is, the harder it is to actually handle it safely which means more likely a mistake will be made – and the increasingly likely that a tragic accident will happen.

  6. Gender equality. One grenade for a small woman to throw,
    three for a 150 kg grunt (all lean muscle, no fat).

  7. These grenades are concussive only, so one unit is a stun grenade, two together can kill by overpressure and three can damage a building.

    Their video explains that the one unit grenade is safer for attacking troops.

  8. I'm inclined to agree wholeheartedly.

    Grim doesn't even cover it, whether you have stock with them or not Brian this is just nasty.

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