SpaceX Increasing Raptor Engine Power

SpaceX is increasing the thrust of the Raptor engines to 300 tons of thrust. 28 Raptor engines will provide 7500 tons of thrust for the Super Heavy Booster.

The 15 million pounds of thrust is five times the 3 million pounds of the SLS booster which was tested recently.

The first stage of the Saturn V had 7,600,000 pounds-force of thrust.

The Space Shuttle generated a peak thrust of 6,800,000 lbf (30,100 kN).

The Soviet Energia had a liftoff thrust of 7,826,000 lbf (34,810 kN).

The Raptors will have over 380 seconds of ISP for the vacuum version.

SOURCES- Twitter, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang,