Sparse Antenna Array for Detailed Climate and Weather Modeling

R-MXAS is a revolutionary aerospace architecture for realizing a synthetic aperture imaging radiometer (SAIR) in a manner affording unprecedented sparsity in terms of number of antenna elements. As such, it enables a feasible path to space-based implementation of RF apertures of unprecedented size. The R-MXAS system is a single platform comprising a 1-D sparse antenna array on a rigid tether and one or more additional tethered antennas that rotate in a plane orthogonal to the 1-D array.

The processing exploits the interferometric baselines formed between the rotating tethered antenna(s) at radius R and each of the antennas of the 1-D array on the rigid tether. A half-revolution of the rotating antenna(s) engenders a continuum of projected baselines into a horizontal plane which becomes the virtual 2D aperture. Applications of such large apertures, which may span 100’s of meters, include imaging applications such as persistent (GEO-based) RF earth imaging to benefit climate and weather modeling, or mapping of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from a solar polar orbit to facilitate interplanetary voyages.

3 thoughts on “Sparse Antenna Array for Detailed Climate and Weather Modeling”

  1. Never have changed greenhose effect changed global average temperature.

    Earth in in energy balance with radiated energy and out radiated energi expand with the power of four to the temperature.

    Think of two black boddies with same size.

    One with -80C and the other with + 50C (normal surface temperatures on earth).

    Average temperatures is -15 C, but if we spread temperatures like when Sahara was green and had lakes when the biggset was as big as the Blcka sea?


    22C higher average temperature with the same radiatetd energy…

    So changed global averagde temperature say nothing about changed greenhouse effect.

    This is the human activity that had contribute most to prolong this interglacial.

  2. Most life friendly global climat was early in this interglacial with 1m higher ocean (over seabed not kontinentalpaltes though they flow in equlibrium and rice when there land part puches down from thick land ice).

    The inter galcial before had an even more friendley global climate int this 2,6 million long ice age, with 8C higher temperature on Greenland for 6000 years.

    Then the land ice reduced by 25% and in the bottom of some borhole we find forest from that time.

    Same time when polar bear deveolp as art.

  3. Hi Brian,

    No one have detect higher greenhouse effect for earth, especially in the wavelength CO2 act (15µm has just CO2 acting as greenhosue gas.

    FS-MSR demand the same resources tol build for 600MWth as wind mill for 12 MWe if they build in same series.

    FS-MSR can produce syntethic fuel from hydrigen combined with CO2 that in mass production will be cheaper and better than the fuel we now get fron oil.

    This is the only scientific study that clam to be first to detect higher greenhouse effect as function of higher level CO2 but is cherry picking, take Colorado for the same time or earth totally 1940-1970 1988-1992.

    Climate and SARS-CoV-2 uses to move power from people to deep state NGO and extrem rich person.

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