Tom Cruise Will Film in Space On October 2021

Tom Cruise and Director Doug Liman will fly to space on October 2021 on a SpaceX Crew Dragon flight. They will film Tom Cruise’s new movie.

SOURCES- SpaceX, NASA, Space Shuttle Almanac
Written By Brian Wang,

15 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Will Film in Space On October 2021”

  1. Hopefully it works out better than the last time a publicity stunt of this sort was attempted… Granted, the odds are in his favor.

  2. Since he insists on doing all of his stunts, he's going to get himself killed one of these days. Can't imagine the size of the policy the studio has on him. Figure the rest of his career is good for a couple billion box office, at least. It's all ego.

  3. He gets to write off a freaking trip to space.

    "Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise crazy." (from the song, Tom Cruise Crazy, by Jonathan Coulton)

  4. Just shut up and take that money – don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Hollywood elites have fallen in love with space. They have the money to pay for flights. No further questions required.

  5. Super risky
    We have real life CGI, can simulate every scenario/adventure, this stunt is not practical and dangerous.
    Our tech is still to primitive to do such things comfortably(going to space for fun, space tourism etc.)
    Our rockets can't even go into space more than 100 times in a row reliably, without blowing up

  6. No alien is going to get into a 2021 human spacecraft.
    That's the technological, and risk, equivalent of doing a mid ocean transfer from a modern ship to a bark canoe. With a weather front rolling in.

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