US Might Clean Energy in 2021 Equal to 30% of US Total Solar Energy

Nuclear power is over half the carbon-free electricity in the U.S. and the Exelon will retire over 4 GW would eliminate 2% of U.S. carbon-free electricity in 2021 without increased subsidies. The US electrical utility, Exelon, announced that they will shutdown four nuclear reactors in 2021. Four reactors at the Byron and Dresden nuclear power plants will be retired in 2021. Those reactors provide 30% of the clean energy in Illinois. Energy auction rules favor fossil fuel power plants and this is causing the nuclear reactors to lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

An Exelon Illinois nuclear reactor shutdown would remove about 32 Terawatt hours of clean electricity. Exelon is needing a further subsidy of one or two cents per kilowatt hour of clean electricity generation.

Solar Energy in the US has 22-26% tax credits for new solar build. The energy investment tax credit provides this credit for utilities.

China has approved construction of four new Hualong One nuclear reactors and the projects will have $10 billion in investment. China approved twelve new nuclear reactors from 2015-2019. Eight of those reactor approvals were in 2015.

There are seven Hualong One nuclear units being built in China at this time. Concrete was poured for the second Hualong One unit at the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant in Fujian province. Two Hualong One units being built at Karachi in Pakistan.

The Hualong One is mainly based on modifications to the standard 900 MWe French pressure water reactor design. The Hualong One power output will be 1170 MWe gross, 1090 MWe net. It has a 60-year design life.

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Written By Brian Wang,