Best Synthetic Biology Stocks and Bio Startups

Biotech stocks have done well in 2020.

Twist Biosciences share price started 2020 at $23 and now it is up over three times to $76.64.

Aquabounty shares started $2.05 and have nearly doubled to $3.80.

Dyadic International started at $5.36 and is at $7.14 per share now.

Intellia shares started 2020 at $15.88 and are now at $23.94.

Synthetic Biotechnology Startups Raised $3 billion in the First Half of 2020

Fifty-six synthetic biology companies raised a combined $3 billion in investment during the first half of 2020. tracks the synthetic biology industry.

SOURCES- Synbiobeta, google finance
Written by Brian Wang,

12 thoughts on “Best Synthetic Biology Stocks and Bio Startups”

  1. Oooh I hadn't considered that. Totally right, yikes. Thanks. ^_^ That does make sense, since there is lots of big pharma here.

  2. Got it. Hire moles inside legislative orgs.

    Remember when senators sold stocks before SARS-CoV-2 in the US was announced?

  3. The thing about big bureaucracies is that this is the one thing they are designed to defeat. Every decision has a formal process with dozens of people seeing how the process is performed. I'm sure that sometimes someone can tip the balance, but having one or two corrupt people make the decision go the opposite way to the "correct" decision is exactly the failure that the entire system was set up to make impossible.

    This does not mean that the wrong decision isn't made. There is all sorts of ways that a formal government decision process can go wrong. Just that it would be tricky for one or two people to do more than shift it from a 51/49 No to a 49/51 Yes.

    And remember that (as part of this process) all the other medical companies are keeping an eye on the decisions, and if something obviously wrong got approved they will kick up a stink.

    What HAS been rumoured/alleged, is that some people manage to learn the details of a FDA decision some time before it is officially announced, allowing them to make highly leveraged investments that make big, illegal, profits. This clearly just needs one person on the inside to make a phone call. Easy enough if it means that they get a cushy retirement out of it.

  4. I wonder if their decisions could be influenced. Know who's who in the FDA, then bribe or blackmail the key players.

  5. Actually, no it doesn't. Because the US market is the most lucrative market in the world (huge market and higher prices), the FDA is a huge deal for medically related companies in most parts of the world.

  6. Good points Jared. These types of investments should be labeled for advanced, or knowledgeable, stock traders only.

  7. Don't get your investing advice from forums and bulletin boards is the best advice I can give. I work in the industry, I'm not a broker. People get incomplete or hyped advice and info from places like this. I've watched people take on absolute trash positions because someone had good information on the internet.

  8. A little bit simplistic. Many of these stocks have huge shorts on them, over 25% in many cases – very rare and risky to be used as buy-and-holds. Much of the big gains were made after-hours and by inside-trading, spoofing, and washing. Most bios don't make their primary or even secondary end-points, even in the rare case that the FDA allows them past exploratory stages into Ph.1 – 3 human trials. Bio, pharma, and specialty medical devices' stocks are more about runway cash and promoting the findings/ articles/ research at conferences and hosted photo shoots. The key is to time the catalyst and get out promptly. Not for the newbie or faint of heart.

  9. PLEASE be careful with this. There's a lot of volatility in the market right now, but it's unlikely that there will be a second run on stocks quickly. When researching pharmaceutical stocks, make sure you keep track of when FDA reports from the companies are being released, and whether or not the news is positive ot negative.

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