Bruce Power Working With Westinghouse on eVinci Micro Reactor

Bruce Power and Westinghouse Electric have agreed to develop applications for Westinghouse’s leading eVinci™ micro reactor program within Canada.

The reactor has channels for fuel pellets and heat pipes that remove heat from the core and has minimal moving parts. Fuel is encapsulated in the core for greater safety. The heat pipes enable unmanned operations and load following capabilities.

The reactor core is designed to run for three or more years. It can provide combined heat and power from 200 kWe to 25 MWe, and process heat of up to 600 degrees Celsius.

The eVinci is applying for phase 2 out of 3 phases for the vendor design review in Canada.

Technical Background on eVinci

Brookhaven National Labs – Micro heat pipe nuclear reactor concepts: Analysis of fuel cycle performance
and environmental impacts

SOURCES -CNC, Westinghouse, Bruce Power
Written By Brian Wang,

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