Canada Boosts Immigration Targets to 1.2 Million Over Next Three Years

Canada 2021-2023 immigration plan has 50,000 more immigrants in each year over the prior plans. Canaada had only half of its immigration target during COVID in 2020.

Canada new targets are :
401,000 immigrants in 2021
411,000 in 2022
421,000 in 2023.

Canada’s plan is to grow its economy and its population through immigration.

Nextbigfuture covered Canada’s old immigration targets at 4 million from 2021-2030.

The new plan could see 4.5 million to 5 million immigrants into Canada from 2021-2030.

Canada will end 2020 with a population of 38.2 million.

Canada annually will welcome 0.9 percent of its population in immigrants. This is three times higher than the per capita newcomer intake in the United States.

The increased immigration could see Canada track towards the high population growth scenario from Statistics Canada. This would mean 40 million people around 2024 and 43-44 million in 2030 and 50 million around 2040 and 56 million in 2050.

If Canada had this higher population growth and immigration then it would move up from 39th most populous country in the world to about 36th in 2050. Canada would pass countries like Italy, Spain and Ukraine but would get passed by Angola, Afghanistan, Niger and other fast-growing countries.

Canada has about 1.2 times the per capita income of France. Canada’s economy would be about the same as France in 2050 assuming Canada maintained 1.2 times the per capita income. The 56 million people in Canada in 2050 would be only 20% less than the 67 million forecasted for France.

SOURCES- Statistics Canada
Written By Brian Wang,