Molecular Electronics for 400 Times Faster DNA Reading by 2024

Roswell has deploying Molecular Electronics sensors on standard CMOS chip technology for a mass manufacturable and scalable platform. IMEC and Roswell have completed proof of concept work and are in the final development process. Commercial molecular biosensors will be available in 2021 for biosensing and DNA sequencing applications.

Roswell will have rapid, low cost, mobile detection systems for diverse biomarkers. Enabling powerful, in-the-field pathogen detection, infectious disease monitoring, environmental monitoring, and identification of bio-specimens, species or individuals.

They are on track to delivering the $100, 1-hour Genome for precision medicine. Simple, fast, low cost and with clinical-grade accuracy including phasing, assembly and direct reading of epigenetic data.

Roswell Biotechnology has a four-year IARPA contract to deliver DNA storage. The goal is exabyte data storage. The DNA reading goal is the equivalent of a $10 genome. The $25 million contract is to develop reading of DNA at 10 TB per day which 400 times the currently available technology.

SOURCES- Roswell Biotechnologies
Written By Brian Wang,