President Xi Goal is a Carbon Neutral China by 2060

China’s President Xi has committed to make China Carbon neutral by 2060. China’s top university, Tsinghua, has published an energy plan to reach that goal.

The plan would be increase nuclear energy by nearly 5 times from today’s level and to eliminate coal for electricity by 2050. China would depend upon solar, wind and nuclear energy for electricity. China would double its total energy usage.

The changes would be gradual until 2035 and then they would speed up changes. The plan would need $15 trillion of investment.

China’s carbon emissions would be:
2020 9.6 billion tons a year
2025 10.2 billion tons per year
2030 10.2 billion tons per year
2035 9 billion tons per year
2050 3 billion tons per year
2055 900 million tons per year
2060 200 million tons per year.

China’s non-fossil fuel share of total energy
2019 15%
2025 20%
2030 24%
2050 62%
2060 84%

SOURCES- Bloomberg, Tsinghua
Written By Brian Wang,