Scientific Progress to Touchable Holograms and Real Holodecks

H-Reality is a team creating touchable holograms. This will be the next generation of haptic controllers for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. They are commercial leaders in ultrasonic non-contact haptics, state-of-the-art vibrotactile actuators, novel mathematical and tribological modeling of the skin and mechanics of touch, and experts in the psychophysical rendering of sensation.

Early applications will be improved remote operation of dangerous machinery and improved training of surgeons and better remove surgery.

Researchers have identified a universal scaling law for the depth of touch receptors across multiple species. This provides insights into understanding touch and evolution of the sensation of vibrations. This detailed understanding of touch will enable superior and more realistic stimulation of the skin layers for mimick the object that is would be touched in the virtual or augmented reality situation.

All mammalian skin is a layered, inhomogeneous viscoelastic solid. The top of skin is the outermost epidermis, then the dermis and then hypodermis, which have similar mechanical properties.

Science Advances – A universal scaling law of mammalian touch

SOURCES- H-Reality, Science Advances
Written By Brian Wang,