Sound Can Get 105 Times Faster Than Earth Atmosphere Speed of Sound

Sound traveling through metallic hydrogen in the core of Jupiter could reach its theoretical highest speed of 36 kilometers per second. This would be about 105 times faster than the 0.343 kilometers per second traveling at room temperature at sea level on Earth. Sound would still be 8000 times slower than light traveling through a vacuum.

Researchers performed state-of-the-art quantum mechanical calculations n and found that the speed of sound in solid atomic hydrogen is close to the theoretical fundamental limit.

Sound travels through diamond at 12 kilometers per second which is 35 times faster than sound through air.

Sound travels through seawater at 1.5 kilometers per second or about 4.4 times faster than sound through air.

Science Advances – Speed of sound from fundamental physical constants

Speed of sound from fundamental physical constants’ K. Trachenko, B. Monserrat, C. J. Pickard, V. V. Brazhkin Science Advances. DOI:10.1126/sciadv.abc8662

Sources – Science Advances, Queen Mary University of London
Written By Brian Wang,

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