Star Trek, Intel and Boeing Lost Their Engineering Mojo

Intel was the dominant computer hardware leader for decades. However, they are now a generation or two behind in computer chips compared to competitors like Taiwan Semiconductor. Intel is having trouble with their 10 nanometer and 7 nanometer chips. Nvidia and AMD are utilizing TSMC’s state of the art technical abilities at 7nm and 5nm nodes. Intel shifted from engineering focused leadership and culture to business and finance focused leaders.

Boeing dominated the airline industry for decades. Boeing had another failure with the Starliner crew capsule and the rocket launching it. They failed to have a correct orbital burn and the mission failed. Boeing has had huge problems with the 737 Max. These problems can all trace back about 22 years to when Boeing abandoned 80 years of engineering culture to stock price focused management.

Even the fictional show Star Trek has lost its way. The old series, the Next Generation (TNG) and DS9 had a great deal of focus on the legendary engineering and medical staff in the Federation. The Engineers, scientists and medical staff were side by side with the captain in solving problems and challenges. Technological, engineering and medical progress was a key aspect of success and prosperity.

Dr. Noonien Soong in TNG, the creator of Data, was an artificial intelligence and robotics genius.

We are in a technological and scientific age. Obviously the winners have the best technology, best scientists and the best engineers. The winners deliver on a sound technological roadmap and plan. This is clearly seen with Tesla, SpaceX, Nvidia, Google, Amazon and the other technological winners today.

This will also be true of winning nations. The winning nations will grow and support technological winners. The business environment and education system needs to have an underlying engineering, science and medical progress focus. There needs to be smart business as well. But the business and financial execution is in support of a winning technology, science and engineering plan.

Written by Brian Wang,

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