Sudan Has Agreed to Normalize With Israel According to Reports

Sudan has reportedly agreed to fully normalize relations with Israel, an initial report by Israel Hayom stated late Wednesday night. A formal and public announcement on the normalization of relations is expected to take place in the next few days. The normalization agreement will likely be done before the November 3rd US election.

The US had begun the process of removing Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. The exact timing for that removal from the terrorism list is not clear.

Sudan would be following the UAE and Bahrain as recent arab countries that have normalized with Israel.

It seems that eventually up to 13 of the 22 members of the Arab league could normalize with Israel. Oman, Sudan, Comoros, Djibouti and Mauritania have been in talks for normalization. After MBS takes over Saudi Arabia, then Saudi Arabia will likely normalize. Iraq and Kuwait could eventually normalize.

Egypt 1979 and Jordan 1987 made peace with Israel. In the last two months, UAE and Bahrain normalized relations with Israel.

SOURCES- Jerusalem Post
Written By Brian Wang,

13 thoughts on “Sudan Has Agreed to Normalize With Israel According to Reports”

  1. The United Kingdom had an empire which covered all the world
    Two hundreds years ago
    Now nobody cares about them
    The US GDP was almost half of the world after the end of WWII, about 30% at the end of last century and about 20% and declining now
    Iran has weathered Gengis Khan, Stalin and Hitler.
    They will weather you

    Just saying


  2. I've been saying that for 41 years? That would make me just 11 years old when I started "saying just the same". Seriously, what planet are you on?

    The Soviet Union lasted 72 years (1917-1989). It crumbled from within. Your mullah friends have made it to 41. Hooray for them. But it's extremely doubtful they are going to make to 72.

    Just saying!


  3. You have been saying just the same for the last 41 years
    And for the past 41 years you have been proven wrong
    Americans, the top bafoons of the world.
    The laughing stock of the world
    And God Bless Amerikkkka!


  4. Oh Lukha, hallucinating again I see. The ban is still in effect. The sanctions are still in place.

    In the last month the Iranian currency hit record lows versus the U.S. dollar. Currently it costs 317,000 rials to buy one U.S. dollar. A month ago, it was 262,000 rials per dollar.

    The sanctions plus the covid19 shutdowns are on their way to shrinking the economy (GDP) up to 8 percent this year. GDP has been tanking since sanctions were revived in 2017. Inflation is currently over 30 percent and rising. The unemployment rate is twelve percent but the underemployment rate, because of firms shut down by quarantines, is much higher.

    Over 60 percent of the population is living below the poverty line. A growing number of senior officials fear this will spark another round of violent anti-government protests. Even government-controlled media is openly discussing this prospect.

    The ayatollahs are going down the drain. Not even the Chinese can save them.

    Just saying!!!


  5. I care about the people of the Sudan. I actually do think black lives matter, even if they are not killed by police in the US.

  6. Who cares much about Sudan..
    They are one of the poorest countries on Earth.
    The big news recently is Iran having gained the ability to buy and sell arms
    The five year ban has expired and the USA has failed to extend the ban.
    Iran has won and how they will be able to buy the latest jets and tanks from Russia and China.
    It is game, set and match for Iran

    Just saying


  7. But what if NO people from ANY of the three Abrahamic faiths are your friends, whether it be those who follow Judaism, Christianity or Islam, and that the majority of Muslims DON'T want to destroy Christian populations? None of that is even remotely true, but does that make me safe? xD Because I'm follow none of those three, though I am intensely spiritual.

    Are you saying that nutty, mentally ill government officials want to commit religious cleansing? Because I buy that. I totally buy that there are 0.0001% of people in x, y or z government on x, y or z continent who want religious cleansing of x, y or z religion. I mean, that's ignorant and doesn't move humanity forward in any way, but those people are allowed their opinions. I mean, people who think ethnic and religious cleansing on any level are usually about as intelligent of a brick of cocaine (but let's not split hairs).

    Or, do you mean that the majority of the populations of the people who live in the countries who are normalizing relations with Israel are all LEEROOOOY JEEEENKIIIIINS!!! (if you don't know what that means, look it up, it's funny) about religious cleansing? Because, dawg… that's… well, a weeee bit looney. Just a little, by which I mean a lot. If that's not what you meant, ignore this xD But, if it is, by what evidence? O.o

  8. more like "another muslim country agrees to buy israeli weapons to exterminate their christian population"

  9. While SA remains a seriously F'ed up monarchy, I am glad to see some progress made toward more recognition of Israel as a state. Just whish Israel would stop the settlement push and establish a clear boundary. If they did, it might end this in a decade as Iran seams to be more cornered by the day. Not a Trump fan, but if he did any good it was this, though he just gave Kushner the keys on this and said "go". Somehow brings the ME a little closer to peace, in a sense, but tears the US apart. Dude has the rhetoric of a drunken sailor and spends like it as well.

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