Tesla Model 3 and Y Get 10-31 Mile Range Increases

Tesla model 3 and model Y have been given 10-31 miles of increased driving range in the latest update. This is likely due to about 5% improvement in Panasonic batteries.

Rob Mauer at Tesla Daily summarized the changes in range which can be seen for each version of the car at Tesla.com

Youtube videos from GigaBerlin and Terafactory Texas show the progress of the Tesla factory construction. The Texas factory is putting in key parts of the foundation and will soon pour the cement for the foundation.

In September, Evan Horetsky, head of Giga Berlin construction, said the factory was 20% complete. Tesla is ahead of schedule and should start production in early 2021.

The Tesla Texas factory should start production in mid-2021.

SOURCES -Terafactory Texas, Tesla, Gigaberlin, Tesla Daily
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

14 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 and Y Get 10-31 Mile Range Increases”

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  3. Is this a joke? His whole "build the machine that builds the machine" line led to building Model 3's in tents when the "machine that builds the machine" couldn't produce. Model Y build quality is not great.

    Tesla quality is going to be beat by VW quality which is… painful to contemplate.

  4. Sure, but lots of companies do those. He's the only one to bring dystopian brutalism to cars. He should own it.

    If the Model 3 was a stainless steel post apocalyptic cyberpunk beast – with the same performance and cost – I'd already have one.

  5. I agree with you.

    As a Tesla shareholder, this is something that worries me a bit. And it's not just the styling of the outside, it's the styling of the inside as well.

    On a personal note, I love leather seats in a car, but Tesla is never going to allow real leather interior on account of some confused eco motive.

    I can only hope that the money that Tesla saves from going "bare bones" inside, will allow them to reduce the price to the point where they will dominate the future market.. I hope…

  6. A car doesn't need to look like a brutal beast to be exciting.
    I mean, it doesn't hurt… but there are dozens of examples of beautiful, graceful designs out there that just make it more exciting.

  7. CD of Tesla 3 is 0.23

    This is matched by the BMW 3 series and beaten by the BMW 5 series and Mercedes A class, both of which are much better looking for the same sort of car. (IMNSHO)

    AND, they have to have big air intakes at the front for engine cooling, which is apparently a considerable factor in air resistance and the Tesla doesn't need it.

  8. It took me years to figure out what Elon really meant by building the machine that builds the machine. His products can be equalled, e.g. Lucid Air, but the way he is making factories, is so amazing that rest of the industry wouldn't even know where to start.

    This is visionary, especially when his products were already so far ahead of the rest.

  9. That's because aerodynamics. Tesla needs significantly better batteries before they can give up range for style points.

  10. Now that I'm seeing Tesla Model 3 around on a fairly regular basis… they just aren't good looking cars. They are as boring as a Toyota Camry.

    Pity. Because they are clearly very exciting on paper, and probably to drive. But looks? Meh.

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