Tesla Model 3 and Y Get 10-31 Mile Range Increases

Tesla model 3 and model Y have been given 10-31 miles of increased driving range in the latest update. This is likely due to about 5% improvement in Panasonic batteries.

Rob Mauer at Tesla Daily summarized the changes in range which can be seen for each version of the car at Tesla.com

Youtube videos from GigaBerlin and Terafactory Texas show the progress of the Tesla factory construction. The Texas factory is putting in key parts of the foundation and will soon pour the cement for the foundation.

In September, Evan Horetsky, head of Giga Berlin construction, said the factory was 20% complete. Tesla is ahead of schedule and should start production in early 2021.

The Tesla Texas factory should start production in mid-2021.

SOURCES -Terafactory Texas, Tesla, Gigaberlin, Tesla Daily
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)