Three More Repurposed Drugs Identified as Useful Against COVID

Three drugs out of 4000 existing drugs were identified as possibly effective against COVID. They are candidates for clinical trials. They are the antimalarial drug amodiaquine, the anti-psychotic zuclopenthixol, and the blood pressure medication nebivolol.

University of New Mexico researcher Oprea and his team published in ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science, reported that an older antimalarial drug called amodiaquine was effective in eradicating the virus in test tube experiments.

They look through a library of approved drugs and found something like Remdesivir but is also much cheaper.

The anti-psychotic zuclophentixol and a blood pressure medication called nebivolol also cleared the virus in the experiments.

Having more COVID drugs gives doctors more options for drug treatment cocktails.

SOURCES- University of New Mexico
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. At least in the USA covid will be over by November 4th. They spring an emergency pandemic on us ever 2 years at election time.


    And then after the elections you never hear anymore about SARS, or MERS, or Zika, or Swine Flu, etc. But hoo-boy do they make us panic in October.

  2. You're still not buying this BS, are you?

    A bad flu season kills between 1 and 4 million people (quoting John Ioannidis). Why don't you know this? Because it's not being effing plastered across your screen every second of the day!

    90% of the population is NOT susceptible to COVID. We have TCell, cross virus and other forms of immunity that protect people from COVID.

    The average age of people dying from COVID is in their late 70s/early 80s. This is in-line with life expectancy. Statistically those dead

    The UN has reported that a 130 to 150 million are at risk of dying from hunger due to the COVID lockdowns. Where is my daily ticker tape on CNN showing me the dead and dying from hunger?

    I leave you with this thought experiment. You have a tank full of hungry sharks. Above the tank you have a little 5 year old girl and also an 80 year old man. You must cut one rope to save the others life. Which one will you cut?

  3. Dogmatic medicine screws us over!

    We all know Covid and Cancer can be cured by acupunture, homeopathy, Bach Florals or Energetic Crystals!!

    HOW DARE DOGMATIC MEDICINE overlook them!!

    Don´t forget that if you had looked at your Astral Map, you would already know when you would get Covid, and had time to prepare for it.

  4. Most treatments that kill the host are very effective in eliminating the virus in short periods.

    A 100 kW laser treatment can also do wonders.

    As those are not widely available, boiling water or oil, or even just a big fireplace are also very effective. If you live near a volcano with a lava pit, that is another choice.

  5. People think "large trial" automatically means better, but in this case it was large because it was testing multiple hypotheses (many drugs), and this reduced its statistical power for each individual drug being looked at.

    There were also come differences in definitions and data collection. People can make their arguments both ways about which methods are superior, but none of these studies were designed by idiots. The WHO trial was not double-blinded. The previous study showing an improvement in time to recovery was double-blind and placebo controlled. Double-blinding is typically considered the gold standard.

    I don't know if it really "works" but I don't think it's wise to just latch onto whatever the most recent study says. The FDA and the other countries which have approved remdesivir can review their decisions if it seems to be merited.

  6. This is not substantiated by data:
    the 2918-2019 flu season in US for the whole year was linked to 34,200 deaths and the worst flu seasons in US in the last 10 years have been the 2017-2018 one with estimated 61000 deaths (range 44k-64k).
    With Covid we had 227k deaths in 10 months and the worst part of the season is still ahead of us
    Please note also that in general flu is free to spread across the country and in general does not infect more than 20% of the population (because it is not that infective and half of the people infected is asymptomatic). Covid has an infectivity that can hit 90% of the population.
    So just running numbers as they are now Covid will cause 227000/10*12=272k deaths by the end of the year assuming that it will not grow exponentially any more and will maintain a linear infection rate.
    If it explodes again and goes from 10 to 90% you will see a 10x increase of the deaths so the death count will rise from 200k to 2 millions
    2 millions potential deaths letting it spread like the flu compared to 34 thousands deaths of the flu.

    This is not flu,

    Unless you want to compare it with the Spanish Flu, that might actually be a more fitting comparison since in two years infected 500 millions and killed between 17 and 100 millions.


  7. By the time phase 3 trials are done for these drugs the pandemic will be over. There needs to be a better way to get the same results in a more timely manner. Maybe just recruiting infected patients and randomly assigning them to one arm or the other. I am not a doctor but 6 months is much too long during a pandemic to know if a treatment is effective.

  8. Another anti malarial you say? How INTERESTING…nevermind Im sure its super dangerous with crazy side effects Im sure…

  9. Remdisvir is currently the leading drug used throughout the world to treat CV19. It's been shown to be effective in large scale clinical trials.

    Where some people get confused is the difference between a treatment, which helps improve things, and a cure, which solves the problem completely. Remdisvir is a treatment.

    What it is NOT, is a repurposed drug. It was developed originally as an antiviral. It was approved and in use as an antiviral. And it works against CV19 because it's an antiviral. That's the original purpose.

  10. has happened to the world? So much ado about nothing.

    IFR of COVID19 is about 0.13% which puts it in-line with flu.

  11. Just to remember that soap and vinegar are also very effective on Petri dish studies. Heating the Petri dish up is also very effective.

  12. Lots of drugs have been identified as possibly effective, including those you list. The article is just saying these three are considered good candidates for clinical trials.

  13. Why do you say three "more" ?, as far as I know no drug has appeared to be effective against the Covid yet. Not Remdisvir, and neither hydroxicloroquine.

  14. Of course no one in the world of dogma medicine is looking at herbs, fruits and vegetables to fight viruses including the Covid 19 although we are very slow at developing anti viral drugs while many common plants have plenty of anti viral properties fighting not one, but a variety of viruses.
    Yes, Honey is still the best medicine to fight cold.

  15. You better have a double blind study to go along with that, or the left wing will claim you're trying to kill people.

    Oh, never mind… that's only Trump.

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