Update on Tesla’s Future Cars and Roadmap

Tesla’s third quarter 2020 vehicle deliveries were 139,300 and third quarter production estimate is 145,036.

The Q3 2020 deliveries of the Model S and Model X are a little over 15,000 and the Q3 deliveries of the Model 3 and Model Y are over 124,000.

Tesla shut down the Shanghai factory for ten days at the end of September 2020. Tesla was making changes in Shanghai including adding a third shift. Changes in Shanghai and Fremont should enable Tesla to make and deliver 180,000-200,000 cars in Q4 of 2020.

Tesla is expected to begin making the following new vehicles:
Tesla Semi late 2021
Tesla Model S Plaid late 2021
Tesla tri-motor Cybertruck (500+ mile range, $70+k price) late 2021
Tesla dual-motor Cybertruck (300+ mile range, $50+k price) late 2021
Tesla Single Motor Cybertruck (250+ mile range, $40K per vehicle starting price) late 2022
Tesla China Built Smaller Car Planning
Tesla Berlin Built Smaller Car Planning
Tesla $25,000 car Model 2 2022-2023

Other Near Term Developments

Tesla will provide a major update to the self-driving autopilot software.
Tesla will have far larger profits to report at the end of October. This could trigger SP500 inclusion in November or even larger profits in Q4 could trigger inclusion in February.

Videos of Tesla Berlin, Tesla Shanghai and Tesla Austin

Tesla Shanghai is undergoing constant expansion and should build over 1 million cars around 2022.

Tesla should be making 10 GWh of the new batteries at the pilot plant in Fremont on Cato road in mid to late 2021.

Tesla just bought a German battery assembly factory with 210 employees.

Giga Berlin had a video of Tesla’s berlin factory construction.

EV had a video of Tesla Shanghai.

Joe Tegtmeyer had a video of Tesla Texas. Tesla bought 381 more acres of land for the Austin Texas factory. Giga Texas now has 2518 acres. This is almost 4 square miles (10.2 square kilometers). Tesla is goal is to have the roof and walls for the first buildings built by December 30, 2020. Tesla will soon start pouring concrete. Tesla is ahead of the schedules for Texas and Berlin.

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Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)