US COVID-19 Vaccine Status

There are four vaccines that are in phase 3 clinical trials in the USA. They are
* BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines
* Moderna
* Johnson & Johnson viral vector vaccine.
* Oxford/AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine

A fifth vaccine should start US trials in October.
* Novavax

The two current leaders are Pfizer and Moderna.

The CEO of Pfizer said on the Today Show that the results of their phase 3 clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine could be ready by the end of October. If there was a positive result, Pfizer would be ready to apply immediately for an emergency FDA approval for medical workers and at-risk individuals. BioNTech is Pfizer’s partner fo the vaccine. BioNTech is planning to buy a Novartis certified vaccine production facility in Germany. This would increase COVID-19 vaccine production capacity by up to 750 million doses per year. 44,000 people are now being tested in the vaccine trial.

The CEO of Moderna told the Financial Times that they would not be ready to get Food and Drug Administration approval for the general population until at least late January 2021. The approval would not be made until late March or early April. Moderna won’t seek emergency authorization for their vaccine until November 25, 2020.

AstraZeneca plc’s vaccine is in late-stage trials in the U.K., India and South Africa. The phase 3 clinical trial in the USA is still halted as they investigate someone who died in the trial.

Johnson & Johnson started their vaccine in phase 3 trials on September 23. They are targeting early 2021 for an emergency application.

Novavax has Phase 3 study of its NVX-CoV2373, a recombinant nanoparticle vaccine, in the U.K. They should late-stage study in the U.S. in October.

SOURCES- Today, Bezinga, Financial Times, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna
Written by Brian Wang,

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  1. I don't know anyone who's gotten sick, let alone died from COVID. The death rate from this disease is extremely low.

    Well, first before you can use taxes for the health of the population, the people have to vote to raise the tax money. That's my whole point. The government hasn't raised taxes to pay for COVID because people aren't in favor of it. Instead, they've borrowed money and gone deeply into debt.

    Let me put it another way. Hw much more money are you willing to pay in taxes to reimburse businesses for lost revenue and employees for lost wages? And what about the population's health? How much more in taxes are you willing to pay to protect people from COVID? I see that you mention "ludicrous investments" but I don't see you being willing to offer up any of your own money.

  2. As an Spaniard that has seen plenty of acquaintances die or fall seriously ill and get into ICU beds (my brother in law included) on collapsed hospitals, I disagree.

    What better use for the taxes money than on the health of the population ?. Just hold back ludicrous investments, like The Wall, or the Senate Launch System, or …., ….

  3. I'll get vaccinated as soon as one becomes available. Not because I think this disease is dangerous but just so we can get this whole stupid, overly dramatized, chicken little the sky is falling nonsense over with. We never should have gone to lock down. Never should have closed business. Or gone another 4 trillion dollars in debt.

    Anyone who disagrees is welcome to vote to raise taxes to pay the businesses and their employees for their losses. That's what I've learned from COVID – people want the government to shut stuff down and pay for the cost, but the average taxpayer doesn't want his/her taxes to go up to cover it. In other words, people want to be protected from COVID but not have to pay for it.

  4. Remember India? What did I tell you guys? If this virus was as deadly as they said it was it would have absolutely devastated a country like India now.

    Serology results in India are showing that between 25 and 33% of all Indians have been infected with the virus. Pune and Mumbai are around 50%. Delhi is at 33%. This was back in August so by now these figures would be much higher.

    What does this all mean? It means that 325 and 430 MILLION people in India have already contracted the virus. With Indian COVID19 deaths at 100,000 this means the Infection Fatality Rate in India is between 0.02 and 0.03%. This is excluding TCELL immunity which effectively halves the IFR again.

  5. The focus for now should be on the new rapid tests. Some of them will be rolled out very soon. The strategy of using them in order to eliminate the epidemic should rely on reaching scalability in producing and administering them to have an entire country tested in two weeks done several iterations so all carriers are identified and isolated. During each testing iteration people who have been tested will be allowed to come in contact only with other people that have been tested. To make it easy, entire population centres will be tested at once. If there is a self administered test it will be distributed to everyone with instructions on how to administer it and have everyone take it at the same time. The test should be recorded and transmitted digitally also on the spot and not manually by an application. Instruction should be given of what steps to take if the results are positive. People who have not taken the test should be quickly identified as they will have an identification that they have taken the test either in a smartphone screen or a form of identification sent to them.

  6. There is more to this Universe than politics and believe it or not a lot of other people realize this, even if you don’t.

  7. Sounds like Moderna is delaying emergency application to FDA for political reasons. And sounds like FDA is holding up Oxford vaccine trial for the same reason.

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