Bitcoin is Back Over $19000

Bitcoin is near an all time high at over $19,348. Bitcoin peaked at $20,089 on Dec 17, 2017.

Ethereum is at $593, which is well off its peak of over $1200 in January, 2018.

SOURCES- Coinmarketcap
Written By Brian Wang,

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin is Back Over $19000”

  1. The industries that are hit are non-productive, entertainment based. That must mean a lot of people are saving up a lot of money. 2021 is gonna be year of the party.

  2. Because every central bank is planning on making the printers go BRRRR to fix the pandemic.

    Governance makes more sense when you realize that governments like crisis because you can make the printer go BRRRR. For normal people crisis is bad, for governments crisis is good. Part of the US government looks at the pandemic driven depression in the services industry and thinks that the way to fix it will be to spend trillions on the GND.

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