US COVID Cases Could Explode in a Few Weeks

The USA is likely heading towards European of daily COVID cases and if there is not stronger targeted mitigation this could get quite bad in the December-January timeframe according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

The antibody drugs will not be able to solve this problem. The vaccines that are near emergency use approval will need two shots per person to provide immunity.

The antibody based drugs are potentially near term game changers. However, we still need social distancing, masks, tracking, tracing, hygiene solutions and using air filtration.

The number of detected cases could exceed 300,000 per day in the USA. France is currently at 60,000 cases per day but France has about one fifth of the US population. The number of actual cases is about 5 times higher. Testing is still not finding all of the cases.

SOURCE- CNBC, Dr Scott Gottlieb
Written by Brian Wang,