Elon Musk Talks Future Batteries and Compact Hatchback at European Battery Conference

Elon Musk spoke about EV range and the cost of batteries at a European Battery Conference. Here is the key points from the Electrified copy of the interview with Elon Musk.

1:00 Elon Musk talks about achieving vehicle ranges of 600 km, 700km and 1000 km. Those are 367 miles, 425 miles and 600 miles.
2:20 Elon Musk indicates that Tesla will eventually achieve a cost 50-55 cents per kilowatt hour at the cell level. Elon Musk likely meant to say 50-55 per kwh. $50/kwh is in line with the 56% cost reduction mentioned at the recent Tesla battery day and would half the 2025 cost target for GM.
Elon also says Tesla’s current batteries will last for 15 years.
8:50 Elon says the plan for battery cell production at Giga Berlin is 100 GWH/year and eventually 250 GWH/year.
14:00 Elon talks about the viability of the Tesla Semi. The first thing is to get vehicle without the trailer to the same power and mass of existing heavy duty trucks. Tesla has achieved this with the prototypes. Tesla thinks they will get the cargo capacity penalty down to 1 ton or less. Tesla is then working on getting the range for the heavy duty trucks. They are confident about the 800 kilometer range and see a path to 1000 kilometer range.
18:00 Tesla is working on original vehicle designs for Shanghai and Berlin. They are looking at a smaller hatchback EV in Berlin.

Warren Redlich has some comments on the video.

SOURCES – Electrified, Warren Redlich
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com