Fund Predicts $2500 Price Target for Tesla Which is Similar to My July, 2020 Prediction

Loup Ventures, Gene Munster is a long-time Tesla bull and has also been correct on Big Tech. Gene has set a new three-year price target of $2500 for Tesla. This would put Tesla at a $2.3 trillion valuation. This would be $12,500 before the five-way split in the share price.

A side observation is that Larry Ellison is CEO of Oracle and Larry has 15 million shares (1.7% of Tesla). If Tesla reaches $4000 and Oracle stayed flat then Larry’s Tesla shares would surpass the value of his nearly one-third ownership of Oracle.

I, Brian Wang, have been a Tesla shareholder for years.

July 2021, Tesla’s [share price] Run is Not Over.

Here is what I said and predicted 5 months ago.
Let me skip over the
* wonderful technology,
* the growing technology lead in batteries, electronics and software and
* the great financial model that they will continue to scale.

Apple was up 20 times in 2006 from 1997. Apple still went up 20 times from that point. The iPhone was introduced in 2007.

I equate the Model 3 to the iPod. The Model S and X are like the iMac and MacBook.
The Model Y and the Cybertruck are like iPhone’s and iPads. The products do not perfectly match up but you get the idea.

In 3 years, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon will be $3 trillion companies. Tesla will be up far closer to those levels.

My three-year price target in the range of $3 trillion was six months before Gene Munster of Loup Ventures.

In August, 2020, I wrote Tesla Will Overcome Denial in the Next 8 Months and Become a $1 Trillion Tech Giant

This was calling a $900+ Tesla share price by April, 2021. I made that prediction four months ago.

Tesla is around $650 per share now in after-hours trading today.

A source is CNBC interview of Gene Munster and reviewing my, Brian Wang, analysis and predictions.
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture (Brian owns shares of Tesla)