Gamechanging Breakthrough as Deep Mind AI Solves Protein Folding

Deep Mind AI predicting how proteins curl up from a linear chain of amino acids into 3D shapes that allow them to carry out life’s tasks. DeepMind AI will massively speed up drugs for protein-based problems. Deep Mind revealed enough of their methods for others to make use of them. It will only be a few months before other groups match DeepMind’s success.

Proteins do most of the work inside all cells. Human cells, animal cells, plants cells and all biology. This means besides improvement in human medicine there will also be agricultural and biotechnology advancements.

The functions performed by a protein depend upon its three dimensional structure. Now we will rapidly gain more control of those structures. We have been able to synthesize proteins just as we have been able to synthesize DNA. Now we will be able to create protein sequences that form desired dimensional structures to generate the desired functions.

Having this structural control of proteins will also accelerate the science of understanding the functions of proteins.

UPDATE: This is a big advance in protein folding prediction but a lot of improvement is needed to be able to get to the point where we can predict protein folding enough to speed up drug discovery. There are some claims that we need to go from an average of 0.16 nanometer accurate predictions to an average of 0.03 nanometer accurate predictions.

SOURCES – Science, Deep Mind
Written By Brian Wang,