Indonesia Could Justify Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor Development to Get a Nuclear Navy

In July, 2020, ThorCon and Indonesia’s Defense Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to study developing a 50 MW thorium molten salt reactor (TMSR) for either power generation or marine vehicle propulsion.

Indonesia could justify additional costs for a modular molten salt nuclear reactor to get a nuclear navy. Nuclear reactors for a nuclear navy could be three times or five times more expensive as the same size reactor for commercial energy generation.

Indonesia is working towards shipyard-produced thorium/uranium fueled power plants generating electricity cheaper than coal. Thorcon will provide technical advice for building 50 MW thorium fueled plants. ThorCon is a graphite-moderated thermal spectrum molten salt reactor.

Thorcon design phase for its 500MW reactor has been nearly completed, computationally modeled, expressed in 2D drawings and 3D CAD models, and shared with potential suppliers. The company will build a pre-fission test facility (PTF) at full scale.

Thorcon believes the 50MW project with Indonesia should make significant progress by 2025.

SOURCES- Neutron Bytes, NEI Magazine, Thorcon
Written By Brian Wang,