Inkjet Like Printing of Solar Sunblinds

Saule Technologies has made perovskite solar cells into solar sunblinds.

Perovskite inkjet-print solar cells on basically any surface and produce energy even when the exposure to light is limited.

Solar sunblinds allows the low-level sun to enter a building in the mornings, evenings, and during winter but cuts out the direct light during summer.

Solar sunblinds are an energy harvesting solution for vertical glass areas in such buildings as office buildings, shopping malls, skyscrapers, warehouses, factories, single-family houses, or multi-family buildings.

The sunblinds will create a comfortable environment by limiting direct sunlight. They will not only provide an additional energy output but also reduce heating and air-conditioning costs, providing thermal insulation of the building.

SOURCES – Saule Technologies
Written By Brian Wang,

2 thoughts on “Inkjet Like Printing of Solar Sunblinds”

  1. This is interesting. One traditional problem with Perovskite cells is the weathering issue. Blinds, on the inside of windows, pretty much skirt that problem. How about UV or other damage? On the inside of the window, you can't angle them perfectly to get max efficiency, but interesting still. What does the cost look like? Any studies on indirect efficiency? These would be good to see.

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