Loki, Falcon Winters Soldier and Star Wars Revived – Disney Plus

The Marvel Movies, MCU series and new Star Wars series were revealed by Disney Plus. All of the Warner Brothers movies are going to HBO Max. It seems that Disney Plus, HBO Max and Netflix will be major Global Entertainment platforms that most people in the developed world will subscribe.

Alfred Molina will return as Dr. Octopus in the Spiderman Movie. Spiderman will go full Sinister Six and Spiderverse in live action.

Hawkeye — with Hailee Steinfeld confirmed to be joining original Avengers star Jeremy Renner as the young archer Kate Bishop.

She-Hulk — Tatiana Maslany will star opposite Mark Ruffalo as Jennifer Walters, and The Hulk star Tim Roth reprises his role as The Abomination.

Secret Wars — Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) race to stop a Skrull invasion of earth.

Ironheart — If Beale Street Could Talk’s Dominique Thorne has been cast as Riri Williams, the inventor of the most advanced mechanical super-suit since Iron Man.

Armor Wars — Col James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) must stop his late friend Tony Stark’s technology from falling into the wrong hands.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special — featuring the original cast and directed by James Gunn on the set of vol 3.

I am Groot — original Disney+ shorts featuring the Guardian.

SOURCES- Disney Plus, Beyond The Trailer, IGN

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