LPP Fusion Solve Two Main Nuclear Fusion Engineering Problems

New simulations show what might be a solution of the current oscillation problem that LPPFusion’s research team has been struggling to solve since mid-2019. These oscillations are the most likely cause of the disruption of current filaments that have in turn limited fusion yield.

LPP also completed the new design for the anode. They have now addressed both engineering problems that confronted the project in the spring.

Experiments over the next few weeks will confirm if these are successful solutions to aspects of the problems.

More equipment is needed and LPP will have new switches before actually firing FF-2B in the new experimental run in 2021.

In November 10, 2019, LPPFusion’s efforts to reduce troublesome oscillations in our FF-2B experimental fusion device had started to make progress. On October 21, they cut the highest-frequency oscillations in half, and increased fusion yield by 30% over our best previous shot with FF-2B. This puts fusion energy yield at 1/8 joule (one joule is one watt-second). This was 3000 times more than the yield at TAE Technologies.

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. The research done decades ago was spotty. Researchers found that dumping more current in to pinches would produce results that did not scale well with lower currents and so it was viewed as a dead end.

    A good point to bring up would be that researchers from decades ago didn't actually know why a plasmoid would form in a DPF device. LPP realized that it was being caused by the earth's magnetic field and conservation of momentum. This led to LPP patenting the artificial application of an external magnetic field to efficiently shape the plasma.

    Something to think about- the researchers from decades ago didn't even know how the machines they were working with actually worked. They didn't seem to have an appreciation for how easily their copper parts could pollute a plasma with heavy ions, they didn't have good models for how anode and cathode length and width influenced the machine, didn't realize that you could limit bremsstrahlung using Quantum Mechanical effects, etc.

  2. The headline "Not Even Wrong" appears to be misleading. When I read the whole analysis the story I get is that the LPP people are replicating earlier work and getting the same result, with their numbers being at the top of the range, but not revolutionarily better.

    So, not even wrong is selling them short. But brand new breakthrough isn't justified either (according to that analysis).

  3. Safire has been brought up on this site before.
    Their publications are laughable.
    Most of them are written for an audience at the 10 year old level.
    They quote from brilliant light power in their theory page.
    The theory page also has nuclear reaction equations and chemical reaction equations mixed together.
    They claim to make 18 different new elements in their reactions, but somehow none of them are radioactive. In addition, if you feed radioactive waste into their reactor, it gets automatically transformed into non-radioactive elements.

  4. That's why they had to bump off Steve Jobs for destroying major phone and record companies.

    I read it in a twitter post so it must be true. It used lots of exclamation points and random capitalisation, which always makes stories more believable.

  5. Agreed. Nothing wrong with a steady state machine, but those aren't in the forefront right now. They don't seem to be on the precipice staring ready to take the leap into the arms of opportunity (wow, that was uncomfortably poetic; where in the actual hell did that come from?).

    Early investing for this kind of technology is never going to be a bad idea (from what I can tell; disclaimer: not an economist lol).

  6. I was following their facebook posts and their progress for some time. They were promising much higher fusion yields with berillium anodes and when finally got them yields were still low, nothing close to their goals. And then they had some accident in the lab and there were not any news for 3 months or so. All posts in that period were just some spam time fillers, completely unrelated to what really matters. And later they came up with the story they again need more money for new switches,.. that new switches will solve it,… and so on and on. I wonder what story will they invent for more money after switches won't increase yield, at least not enough to be worth it.

    Don't get me wrong, I wish them success and that someone nails commercially available fusion. I just doubt they will do it.

  7. LPP is the real deal. I've been following Lerner and his folks for years. They have shared every failure and setback with us.

  8. They are nowhere near "free energy". They are working on the hottest of hot fusion with some of the strongest magnetic fields ever produced by human beings.

  9. They have a tiny budget and not much to spare for web design and video production. They do get papers published in serious fusion journals.

  10. They've had two public rounds for non-accredited investors under the JOBS Act. They just don't have one of those running right now.

  11. Will all the respect to these guys, their website, their videos and overall style reminds me of "free-energy" YouTube videos. I wouldn't trust them with my money with such a business plan.

  12. You are so witty. LPP has gotten further than mosy fusion effeorts on a coupld million dollars and 10 years compared to 10s billions spend on Tokamac designs and 4 decades of effort. I believe if he ever gets close to a functioning model he will be suicided or accidented. Does anyone really think they are going to let some insignificant individual upset a multi trillion dollar industry?

  13. Not true at all. They have funding rounds and nowadays you don’t have to be an accredited investor.

    But if you want to I give you permission to think of me as being that rich.

  14. Are you guys so rich?! According to their website they only sell shares to "accredited investors", which need to have a stable income of at least 200000 dollar per year…

  15. It needs to be stable long enough to pay back the energy needed to create the plasma. The cross section for ions scattering is much higher than the cross section for ions fusing.

  16. More to the point it doesn’t need to have a stable plasmoid for very long to create fusion. This has never been a steady state machine like a tokamak. It has always been a pulsed power machine.

    And if wallplug efficiency is what you are looking for then they are leading the world. If/when LPP hits break even their value would be ridiculous.

  17. Also they have a fundraising round coming up for anyone who is interested.

    (disclaimer: I am already an investor)

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