Main Argument Against X Holding Company is Mars Colonization

Youtuber Chicken Genius Singapore argues against the X Holding Company. He is also a large Tesla shareholder. David Lee who made the suggestion is also a large Tesla shareholder.

Chicken Genius thinks SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company and Neuralink are stronger separately. Any gigantic accident with SpaceX would not take down the other companies.

All Tesla shareholders and others want access to SpaceX. Starlink can be IPOd in a few years and it will be a massive company on its own. People will get access to the main money-making business of SpaceX.

The reason Elon has not IPOd all of SpaceX still stands. The Public markets will not be able to handle the large investments he will make to colonize Mars.

He argues that the conglomerate board structure would be distracting to Elon. He argues that the lack of purer plays would make it more difficult for capital market support.

Non-Tesla and non-Elon fans have trouble understanding the Tesla electric car business and the Tesla Energy business. The Tesla Energy business is completely ignored in terms of Tesla valuation.

Elon can get plenty of funding for anything he does. Boring can raise funds without accessing Tesla cash.

David Lee and Gali (Hyperchange) discuss how to make the X Holding company work.

David Lee thinks the main thing is saving Elon time. He thinks saving time will enable to launch a few more big Elon Musk ideas like the supersonic electric plane. David Lee indicates Elon will need really good lead executives for each company. Elon would need more Gwynn Shotwells for each company.

Gali believes that SpaceX and Boring company are diluting too much at this point.

Gali and Dave believe that Neuralink will put smartphones out of business.

SOURCES – chicken Genius Singapore, David Lee Investing
Written By Brian Wang,