Starting My Tesla Roof Journey

I am going to be getting a new Tesla Solar roof. This link is the Tesla Solar Roof Construction Guide. Tesla is backlogged on starting the process for a new Solar roof. I initiated the process at the beginning of December, 2020 but they will not send out the first project estimators until January, 2021.

I did get a general price estimate. The glass tiles of the non-power solar tiles are about $7.65 per square foot. The solar roof tiles are $2.01 per watt (prices as of December, 2020). A 10kW solar roof for about 2100 square feet is about $32000 after $6000 in incentives.

The price is just a bit more than shingle roof and then adding regular solar on top. The price is less than any premium clay tile roof or other better roof material. Especially if you add in regular solar panels on top of the roof.

Each roof tile measures 15 x 45 inches and has a 25-year warranty. The solar roof tiles can handle 1.75 inch diameter hail and wind speeds up to 166 miles per hour.

A conventional 10kW system would costs about $19,000-20,000 after the federal tax credit in the USA. This is $12,000 less than the cost of Tesla’s solar roof. An Asphalt shingle roof is about $7000 for 2000 square feet.

If you want anything better than an Asphalt shingle roof and want solar then the combined Tesla solar roof seems to be superior on cost and durability. If you need to replace your roof and want to add solar then the Tesla solar roof is a good choice. You need to plan to get the Tesla roof work aligned with your home addition or construction project schedule.

If you do plan on getting electric cars in the future, then be sure to get extra solar energy on your roof.

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Nextbigfuture will provide more information on the Tesla solar roof installation and usage experience as it happens over the next six to eight months.

SOURCES – Tesla, Brian Wang
Written By Brian Wang,