Unlike Subways Each Boring Tunnel Transit Will Be Non-Stop Express

Boring Tunnel is Elon Musk’ company that is working to revolutionize tunneling and public transportation. Boring Company has been building their system around the Las Vegas Convention Center and has approval to expand the system to the Vegas Strip, downtown and the airport. At the Vegas planning meeting, Boring Company engineers indicated that this would not be an 18 stop subway system. They will inexpensive tunneling to make multiple non-stop express tunnels between each hotel-casino and other destinations.

The non-stop services will make travel times from 15-20 minutes to 3 minutes for each trip. This will mean many elevators or escalators within each hotel to the section of the Boring Company station that takes people to other Casinos or locations.

This would mean the Boring Station level would have around two dozen gates like an airport terminal or platforms like a Japanese subway station. People would move along people movers to move the 20-30 meters to the next pair of platforms or gates.

Vegas planners and council is excited about adding Boring stations and service to the Art District, City Hall and other locations in Vegas.

First Three Stations Are Over 90% Complete

The road surfaces around the stations are 85% complete. There are test vehicles in the tunnels.

Full system calibration at 4400 vehicles per hour should have begun.

Hexagonal Tunnel Segments

SOURCES- Boring Company, A Boring Revolution
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com